About us

Fresh to Freeze Dried: Where Nature Meets Innovation

Welcome to Fresh to Freeze Dried, the brainchild of the Rippy Family and your go-to destination for the best in freeze-dried treats!

Our Humble Beginnings:

It all started as a simple family project. With the aspirations of helping our children earn their way to summer activities and memorable trips, we ventured into the intriguing world of freeze drying. Little did we know, this small initiative would evolve into a passionate family-run venture.

Our Mission:

At Fresh to Freeze Dried, our mission goes beyond just offering delectable snacks. We aim to bridge the gap between nature's fresh offerings and the wonders of modern preservation. Every product is a testament to the love and dedication we pour into ensuring you get the perfect blend of taste, texture, and nutrition.

What We Offer:

  • Freeze Dried Candies: Rediscover your favorite candies with an added crunch. Our freeze-dried process elevates the candy experience to a whole new dimension of enjoyment.

  • Freeze Dried Fruits: Relish the pure essence of fruits in their most pristine form. Nutrient-rich and bursting with authentic flavors, they're a healthful indulgence.

Our Promise:

Being a family-owned venture, we prioritize authenticity, quality, and trust. Every product is crafted with meticulous care, ensuring you receive nothing but the best. We remain committed to continuous innovation, always on the lookout for the next delightful freeze-dried creation to share with our valued community.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. From the Rippy family's heart to your home, we invite you to dive into our curated collection and experience the magic of Fresh to Freeze Dried.

Get in touch and let's celebrate the fusion of nature and innovation together!