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Fresh to Freeze Dried

Crunchers, Berry

Crunchers, Berry

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Berry Crunchers: A Berry Delicious Twist on a Classic

Introducing our Berry Crunchers, where the fruity flavors of Berry Skittles® are transformed into delightful, crunchy bites! By freeze-drying Berry Skittles, we unveil a new way to enjoy the vibrant berry flavors you love. These airy, crisp morsels are perfect for snacking, sharing, and adding a splash of color and crunch to your day.


  • Bold and tangy Berry Skittles® flavors in a unique, crunchy form
  • A whimsical and surprising twist on a fruity favorite
  • Crafted to perfection, preserving the candy’s original, vibrant taste
  • Larger quantities are available, contact us for quantity and pricing

Pure and Simple: Our Berry Crunchers are created through a careful freeze-drying process that involves just one ingredient — Berry Skittles®. No additional sugars or artificial flavors are added during this process.

DISCLAIMER: Skittles® is a registered trademark under license by Mars Wrigley. Fresh to Freeze Dried is NOT associated with or sponsored by Mars Wrigley.

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