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Fresh to Freeze Dried

Charlie Bites

Charlie Bites

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CC Bites: Charleston Chews Elevated to Crunchy Perfection

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with our CC Bites! By freeze-drying classic Charleston Chews, we’ve turned the beloved chewy, chocolatey treat into airy, delightful bites that offer a sublime crunch in every bite. A unique twist on a classic favorite, these bites are perfect for snacking, sharing, and satisfying your sweet tooth in a fun, new way.


  • The cherished flavor of Charleston Chews, now in a playful, crunchy form
  • A delightful blend of chocolate and nougat, reborn with a satisfying crunch
  • Perfectly crafted to capture the soul of the original, while offering a fresh and exciting texture
  • Larger quantities are available, contact us for quantity and pricing

Pure and Simple: Our CC Bites are lovingly created through a precise freeze-drying process using only authentic Charleston Chews. No additional sugars or artificial flavors are added during this process.

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