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Honey Bites

Honey Bites

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Freeze Dried Bit O Honey: A Crunchy Twist on Classic Bit o Honeys

Introducing our Freeze Dried Happy Bites, a modern spin on the timeless Bit O Honeys you know and love. Through the magic of freeze-drying, we transform the iconic, buttery and smooth treat into a delightful and airy crunch. Experience the same rich, honey and almond flavor you adore, now with a surprisingly satisfying, crisp texture. A perfect treat for when you're craving something sweet and extraordinary.


  • Classic Bit O Honey flavor, reimagined
  • Unique and satisfying crunchy texture
  • Crafted to perfection, preserving the candy’s original, beloved taste
  • Larger quantities are available, contact us for quantity and pricing

Pure and Simple: Our Freeze Dried Honey and Almonds are created through a meticulous freeze-drying process with only one ingredient — Bit O Honeys. No additional sugars or artificial flavors are added during this process.

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